5 Reasons Why I Love Our Fireplace

Written by Sabrina

As the weather turns colder, I can’t help but become just a little excited. I love our fireplace because it brings my family a number of wonderful benefits that extend beyond the cold. I thought I’d share with you the reasons why I love my fireplace so that maybe it could help your family too!

  1. There’s an increased focus on the work at hand.

Jeremy and Grace love working by the fireplace in the morning when it is time to do schoolwork because it is an informal type of atmosphere. They feel comfortable and relaxed as we go through our lessons for the day and this helps them remember the information from each class in a more complete way. Even Michael says he tries to seek out a fireplace at school when he’s got to study!

  1. It saves us a lot of money on the bills.

I try to bring in some extra money when I can with my music and art lessons, but there are some months when everything gets very, very tough. That’s especially true in the colder months when the heating bills can easily triple when we’re using the furnace that’s in our home! By using our pellet stove as our main source of heat combined with a wood stove fan on top that doesn’t use any electricity, there are some months where we can easily save upwards of $300 and when you’ve basically got one full-time income, that’s grocery money.

  1. It’s beautiful to watch.

There’s just something about watching a fireplace in operation that makes me feel at peace with myself. Even when the kids are arguing with each other about who needs to do what chore, the fireplace helps me to be able to decompress and handle the drama.

  1. It’s very inspirational.

When I have a need to be creative, the fireplace delivers for me every time. Whether I’m working on a new composition or just have a desire to create, the flickering and popping of the fireplace seems to help my work be better than it is without. This process also helps to center me so that I’m making sure I’m pushing my kids toward what they want to be, not what I want or expect them to become. Jeremy loves writing lyrics in front of the fire, while Grace enjoys time painting there when we can get the easel set up for her.

  1. It brings the family together.

Even though Michael is away at school most of the year, the fireplace is still that one place that our family can be able to come together consistently. We can talk about our day, discuss plans for the future, or my husband and I can just talk about the bills in a non-threatening environment where we can all plan together. We play games in front of the fireplace in the colder months and these are memories that can’t be replicated by anything else!

Do you have a fireplace? What do you or your family love about your time in front of the fireplace on a cold winter’s day?