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At that Age

Written by Sabrina

You can’t believe it when you kid hits dating age and has eyes only for girls—some you are leery of, some you respect. All of a sudden he becomes a flirting machine and a work-out fanatic. Mind you, his physique is just fine, but not to him. He feels he can’t compete with all the jocks out there who are building muscle as I write. He has made it his life’s ambition to keep up.

I like that he is concerned with calorie counting (a bit feminine however) and consuming health drinks like kale blends with carrot boosters. His favorite shopping venue is Whole Foods. I have also witnessed some vitamins on the bathroom shelf. Taking good care of himself is very adult-like and a welcome sight.

This kid can be compulsive so I bought him a state-of-the-art combination bathroom scale for basic weighing purposes and also contains a body fat analyzer function too. It’s a digital wizard. After he hits the gym, he comes home and jumps on. It speaks to him verbally and visually. I tell him he has to wait a day to see the effects, but this goes right over his precious head. He keeps a record by a wireless Wi-Fi connection to his tablet and has instigated alarms and alerts when his weight reaches the zone of no return.

I love watching my kids grow up and it can become amusing to watch at times. Health, manifested in heavy gym attendance, is important and a great goal at any age. For it to appear during the socializing years is not surprising. It is something they can do together and a venue for meeting new friends. It gets them away from the TV, computer, social media, and the cell phone. Thank God they don’t allow them on the workout floor. It is the only time they are on hold and out of sight.

I think I see a six-pack brewing—little by little. My boy is growing up. He is lithe to begin with so any exercise starts to shows right away to his great joy. It’s hard to see your son as a sex object, if that is what, in effect, he is aiming for. The scale keeps him informed and is a silent motivator lurking in the corner of the bathroom. It is his fitness counselor in disguise. I think, however, that it has replaced mom to an extent I would rather ignore.

Acquiring some new brain power would be a better use of his time these days. His focus is a bit one-sided. I hope to see a flip flop soon. The intensity of his physical concern is not to my absolute liking. Perhaps kids this age are like yoyos swinging back and forth like a pendulum. Let’s hope it swings to schoolwork and reading in the near future. Meanwhile I renewed his gym membership and have loaned him the car to follow his pursuits. Newfound freedom has been a major boost to his confidence and self-esteem.