Michael’s First Semester at College

Written by Sabrina

There have been some big changes in our family over the past few months. One of the biggest events is that my oldest son, Michael, 19, got a full scholarship to college and moved out of our home. Of course, he will come home during vacation time. However, this is a big step for all of us.

He has just completed his first semester and I have had mixed feelings during this time. When we were preparing for him to move out I was nervous about how he would cope with living a whole new life, especially coming from a home school environment. I also felt sad that I would not see my son on a regular basis, even though I knew we would talk regularly on the telephone. I am used to having all three of my children with me for most of the day. However, my predominant emotion is pride. Not only am I proud of his academic success and getting a scholarship, I am also proud that he has become a rounded young man with the skills needed to live an independent life. I feel proud of myself too for the role I have played in making him the young man he is today.

During his first semester, Michael and I have talked regularly. I tell him everything that is going on at home and he tells me about both his academic progress and his experiences of college. So far, most of the things he has told me are all signs that he is having a great time at college, is doing well and is making the most of various extra-curricular activities and social opportunities. Michael has achieved good grades on the assignments he has submitted so far and says he is enjoying his courses. The thing I am am most pleased about is that he has made some friends there already and seems to be having a great time with them.

Of course, there have been some negatives too. During the first few weeks he had some issues with finding his way around campus and getting to know the local area. There were a few incidents as he adapted to the practicalities of living independently as well. The biggest issue he has had so far though was catching a case of athlete’s foot that developed into toenail fungus in the communal showers. At first he wasn’t sure what it was (his first call was asking for help because his toenails looked yellow) or how to get healthy nails and treat his toenail fungus, so of course I got a number of telephone calls from him to ask my advice.

Overall, I would say that if the biggest issue he has faced so far is a bad case of athlete’s foot, and then his first semester at college could generally be considered a success. I can only hope that his experiences of college continue to be as positive as they have so far. Now that he has successfully completed his first semester, I feel confident that he has the skills and abilities to achieve great things and to also have a fantastic time with many great experiences.