Turning my Eldest Son’s Room into a Sewing Space

Written by Sabrina

When you have a family, even of average size, you don’t have much leftover space. You don’t have any space at all. The thought of a hobby or sewing room is out of the question for the majority of us. When the older kids leave home, suddenly you have some new options. Unless two children are sharing a room and long for their own, grab this chance for some private space before it gets pre-empted.

I did just that. The Singer sewing machine had been in the closet for years, and it was darn hard to keep pulling it out and setting it up every time I needed it. It was pretty new and state-of-the-art, and I was dying to try out more of its special features. I was therefore pretty excited about converting a newly available room for my own use. I’d been reading a few sewing blogs, like this one, and was keen to get to work. I could leave some of the furniture there—just add a work unit and a comfortable chair. I needed a storage cabinet for patterns and notions as well and decided to use a nice wood filing cabinet from the garage. After a little staining, it was perfect. The closet did just fine for fabric storage and items in a state of needed repair.

I moved the single bed against the wall so I could use the floor for pinning patterns and cutting. Since it was wood, it was a perfect flat surface. I am used to doing it this way in the absence of a big empty table. (The dining room is always occupied by assorted laptops and school notebooks—and you never know whether you’ll end up with some food that had been left behind staining the fabric.) I also installed a full-length mirror for fittings. It was looking very professional so I painted the room and removed the rather unsightly rock posters. I finally got a space for me, just me. No sharing or caring about others, just for once.

This room would turn out to be the source of hours of personal pleasure. I got into quilts and little colorful patterned squares were strewn inelegantly about the entire space. I could just shut the door. As they were added together one by one, a miraculous transformation occurred. Bits and pieces became an amazing work of art. It was lovely and I decided to cover the bed as a reminder of the power of handiwork on the psyche. It always fills me with pride whenever I see it.

Soon I was getting requests! It was very flattering. Obviously someone was paying attention when they were able to tear themselves away from the mobile phone and tablet of choice for the day. Cargo pants, cotton tops, stretch jeans, skirts, tote bags, and more appeared one after the other in rapid succession. I was spending more and more time with the beloved Singer sewing machine. A hobby was becoming a full-time job! When it comes to family, however, I will do anything. There is a lot of gratification in do-it-yourself projects that others appreciate. Some women paint, some crochet, and some garden. My forte was in one little enviable room.