Why Home School Your Children?

Written by Sabrina


I have always recognized that my children are talented. I know that all moms think that, but I knew this to be the case. Each of my three children had areas that they excelled in. It was this that made me consider homeschooling them. Deciding to teach your children at home is a big decision and there are a lot of things to consider. It certainly isn’t the best option for everybody. A child’s education is the foundation for their future and my decision would seriously impact on this. It would also impact on our daily lives and my career if I opted to teach my children. After a lot of thought, we decided that homeschooling was the better option for our family. However, as with most things in life, there are both pros and cons to my decision.

One of the major benefits of homeschooling my children is that I can focus on each of their strengths and weaknesses. Michael, 19, is at college now. However I truly believe that I have given him the foundations for success in the future as he got through with a scholarship. Jeremy, 16, and Grace, 11, are equally talented and I can nurture these talents in their lessons.

If they attended a mainstream school, then they would be on a set timetable, regardless of their learning needs. Also, they would be working at a pace and level for the average in their class. Homeschooling has allowed me to personalize their learning experience. I spend less time on the topics that they quickly grasp and more on any areas they find more difficult. My children have different learning styles and I adapt teaching methods and resources to suit the ways they learn best.

Of course, there are down sides to homeschooling. One of the major disadvantages is that I worry they are missing out on the social aspect of school. However, they do mix with other young people who live locally and all do extra-curricular activities.

I am talented in math, art and music so I feel confident in teaching my children these subjects, but other topics I have to research first to make sure I am passing on the right information to the children. Sometimes we research topics together as part of lessons and this is fun. Practical lessons are sometimes more tricky than they would be in a classroom, we don’t have a fully equipped science lab for a start. This means I have to be creative in my teaching methods.

The other disadvantage is that I am solely responsible for my children’s education and this is sometimes stressful. If they were to fail, then it is all down to me. I meet with other homeschooling moms and they all feel the pressure of this too. I am also a member of some online forums like home-school.com where I can chat with other homeschool moms from around the world.¬†We offer each other support and encouragement and well know that we have made the right decision for our families.

Overall, I felt that the advantages of homeschooling outweighed the disadvantages for your family and this was the best decision for us.