Why You Shouldn’t Home School

Written by Sabrina


Although homeschooling is a great option for some families, and it has certainly been the best choice for us, for other families it would be the wrong decision. It is important to make the right choice by researching homeschooling thoroughly, weighing up the pros and cons and speaking to other families who have experience of homeschooling. By doing this you can make an informed decision based on your family’s circumstances and needs.

Not every child will benefit from homeschooling. The ones who do are generally gifted children who excel in a number of subjects. If this is not the case with your child, then perhaps mainstream is a better option for you. It is important to be realistic about your child’s abilities and take into consideration their personality traits too.

Time is another big consideration when deciding whether homeschooling is for you. It needs at least one parent to devote all their time to their children’s education. It is not just about being there while the children are studying, it is also about spending time planning lessons, gathering resources and researching topics. You are with your children 24 hours a day and while most of the time this is great, there are times when you may feel that you need your own space occasionally. If you are unwilling or unable to give all of your time, then homeschooling is not an option.

Similarly, homeschooling is a lot of hard work. A homeschooling parent has to put effort into teaching their children and all of the other activities that are associated with this. You can’t just take a day off when you feel like it, you have to completely devote yourself to giving your child the best education possible. Parents who do not want to work hard should not even consider homeschooling as an option.

Money is another concern that affects whether a family can home school their children or not. Homeschooling is likely to mean that one parent will not work outside the home or will only work part-time hours around schooling their children. This can have financial implications. If you cannot afford to live on one salary then homeschooling might not be the best choice for your family.

There are downsides to homeschooling that you should also think about when making the decision. It can be very stressful, time-consuming and hard work. Practical lessons are tricky as most houses are not as equipped at school. Your children will miss out on the social aspects of school so they will need to do other activities outside of school time to mix with other children. If you do not think you can overcome the negative aspects of homeschooling, then it is better to look at alternatives.

Be honest with yourself about whether any of these points is going to be an issue for you. Speaking from experience, I know that homeschooling is not a decision to be taken lightly and needs full commitment. Many of the downsides can be overcome, but some just have to be faced head on. If you cannot face the challenges or overcome the difficulties, then it is perhaps better to consider alternative options.